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Updated December 2011
  News Update

Space Light Shines - Thanks to the team at Rother Valley Optics for using my track "Space Light" in some of their "Let's Talk Astronomy" web broadcasts  in 2011

Old Rocker In Pop Album Shocker! -          I wrote lyrics and music, and provided backing tracks for an album released in 2012 by Ben Sellors, some of these tracks' original versions with my demo vocal feature on this website. If Interested in the album, you can click above for more information , available on Apple  Miusic and itunes, but the songs are all mine and available to publishers for release or use by other artists .


"I Wanna Be A Kid At Christmas" Escapes!  (OK, it was released) -  This used to be for sale! Now even more rare!

Thanks to  Stephen Bashaw of the Kalliergo Group in Massachusetts who signed up and was the first publisher to let one of my tunes out in public , back in the late noughties!

Stephen is still plugging this one,  got to love a tryer, thanks Stephen!

My Three Kids  Music  Click here to visit the webite of one of my publisher friends, Bob Delaposta of Nashville, who has kindly featured one of my instrumentals, "Open For Business" - Bob's website features material by various songwriters in various styles


And a special thanks to everyone for your kind support following the loss of  my son Alex in 2010., to whom this site is dedicated.

Member of PRS/MCPS  (PRS For Music, UK)              

"Hi, My name is Rob Green - welcome to my website -  intended as a place to showcase my songs to the great and good (!) of the music business, and anyone else interested or curious!"





Publishers etc. - if anything is of interest, you can email me at the address at the bottom of the page.

Lyrics also available. Some tracks can be remixed/supplied with or without vocals, but if necessary tracks can be re-recorded to meet requirements. Commissions for new or bespoke material welcome!



Click on the song titles below to listen -

A Few Favourites  >>>>

CELTIC LAMENT  Irish and Scottish pipes feature in this theme evocative of the highlands  (Instrumental)

ROLLING HILLS (0:56) Old English countryside, light drama theme with a chamber orchestra sound (Instrumental)

DANCING INSIDE Folky rocky gem - a happy song  (and a little bit like Jethro Tull)

HOW MANY WORLDS  Pop/Rock with a hint of string theory (although I'm not convinced)

MY FRIEND SAYS I'M CRAZY Fast and furious Teen Pop/Rock

EDUCATED LADY  Lyrics for lovers of science - Big band swing!

THE END OF TIME  Big Ballad with the kitchen sink thrown in

THEN I SAW YOU Originaly written as a pitch to Dionne Warwick, good feedback but not  quite  right, apparently, but homage to Burt Bacarach on this one

**NEW**RE-FOCUSED from the planet of the Dutch Masters, a little tribute, from one not worthy! - Prog for those who miss it! (Instrumental)

**newish** STAND UP Good old Rock guitar type pop rock


Rob goes Pop! >>>>




 Classic Pop & Rock  >>>>




A selection of  songs  written for the Ben Sellors debut album. (These are my original recordings)

GOT TO KNOW YOU   Glam pop beat used by everyone from Norman Greenbaum to Katie Perry

NEVERMORE Aarrgh! The dreaded Autotune!  A new trick for the old dog, barking mad, of course



NOBODY BUT YOU  Up-tempo guitar pop with a retro arrangement

SEIZE THE DAY  Thematic Ballad

TELL ME YOU WANT ME Good fun pop rock - with cowbell!

I WANNA BE A KID AT CHRISTMAS (Thanks to all who voted this into 3rd place in the 2009 Holiday Classic Competition!)



 Instrumentals >>>>

CELTIC LAMENT Irish pipes, bagpipes and lead guitar combine to evoke forgotten landscapes

RE-FOCUSED from the planet of the Dutch Masters, a little tribute, from one not worthy! - Prog for those who miss it!

GOGOBO (DIDDLEY) In 5/4 time , some of the time, with a bit of Bo in the middle - rock with added brass neck

FUNKY DUCK Funky Rocky theme tuney thing

WALKIN' IN LA-LA LAND Somewhere between the black forest and Nashville with the Tyneside twang

SECRETS IN THE DARK (1:28) The sort of incidental theme cat burglars and private detectives love to creep about to

MR. CREEP (1:36) Strange? Disturbing? you should see me on a bad day

SHIP OF DREAMS Orchestral theme with a nautical flavour

SPACE LIGHT Classic backdrop to planets, stars and stuff

OPEN FOR BUSINESS Orchestral rock with piano & guitar

DEAD GIVEAWAY  Big and brassy, slightly minder-ish? - Also available as a song with lyrics

TVSPIES  Retro style theme, inspired by the adventure series genre, i.e. the shows of ITC - remember Jason King and his like!





.. and a few more >>>>   M.O.R./RETRO/POP etc.      













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